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Discover Your Unique Brand of Humor

Whether you're looking to add humor to your speeches, presentations, or content, Marta Ravin works with you to bring your unique comedic voice to life.



Why Humor Matters

Humor isn't just about making people laugh — it's about building connections, sharing stories, and fostering authenticity. In today's fast-paced world where professionalism often overshadows personality, injecting humor into communication can set you apart & leave a lasting impression.

The Find Your Funny Method

Through a series of interactive exercises and personalized coaching, Marta will help you uncover your comedic style, refine your storytelling skills, and infuse humor into your meetings, speeches, and presentations.

Tell Your Story

There is so much power in telling your story. Connecting the dots of your personal career or your company’s trajectory not only helps your clients connect with you emotionally it helps you own your path. After decades of telling stories on television, Marta can create a short piece of content that can be used on your website or social media that tells your journey in your own words, with pictures, client testimonials etc. It’s one of the most powerful way to own the narrative.

Tap into Your Team's Comedy Gold

Discover the power of humor to transform communication, confidence, and team dynamics. Find ways through humor to tackle creative projects with your in house team. Unleash the laughter within to elevate your team and project to new heights of success!


Enhanced Communication

Develop stronger communication skills through the art of humor & connect with your team & customers on a deeper level with more memorable & engaging messages.


Increased Confidence

By practicing & refine comedic timing and delivery in a supportive environment, your team will feel empowered to bring their authentic selves to the forefront.


Improved Team Dynamics

By engaging in fun and interactive exercises together, team members will build rapport, enhance collaboration, and develop a shared sense of humor, ultimately leading to increased morale and productivity.

Custom Programs for Your Needs

Marta will design a custom workshop based on your specific goals and needs. From one-on-one coaching sessions to group workshops, Marta is dedicated to helping you find your funny and build authentic connections with your audience.

Why Marta?

Marta works on all sides of the entertainment industry— both behind and in front of the camera. As a television producer, Marta created and developed numerous iconic shows using her ability to find people's natural sense of humor and capture it on camera. 

She created the long-running series "Long Island Medium" for TLC after sitting in Theresa Caputo's kitchen while Theresa cooked dinner, helped her kids with homework, and talked to all of Marta’s deceased relatives. 


Marta’s worked with young stars like Brittany Spears and Beyonce when they first came to MTV and helped them get comfortable working as a host or playing a game with the audience.  


She’s also worked with veteran celebrities such as Tom Cruise during the promotion of Mission Impossible 3. Marta orchestrated a memorable moment by arranging for Tom to board a NYC fire truck amidst rush hour in Times Square, ensuring his arrival precisely at 5pm to announce, "TRL STARTS NOW!"


Marta convinced Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans to thumb wrestle live during the Kid's Choice Awards, and she once performed stand-up for a Comedy Central special in front of 1000 people.  


Marta knows Funny!

Marta in Action

Ready to Find Your Funny?

Contact Marta Ravin today to schedule your personalized workshop and unlock your humor potential. Get ready to laugh, connect, and leave a lasting impression with Find Your Funny.

Award-winning Showrunner & Executive Producer Marta Ravin gives leaders & teams the tools they need to unlock their productivity, creativity, & positivity through meaningful connection.

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