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Marta began her career as a standup comic and writer in the 90’s working the clubs in NYC. She’s appeared on Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend” and NBC’s “Late Friday.” She also appeared as an on-camera host for Vh1, Oxygen and Bravo. Marta recently returned to the stage as a Speaker with her TEDx Talk at Columbia College, North Carolina, “Connection is the New Currency.” 

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Marta is in the zone as a host with her special sauce of being funny and welcoming while keeping the train on the tracks. Two of Marta's superpowers are reading the room and making people feel comfortable.  From her years as a television producer Marta understands the time and work that went into crafting the event and the urgency and attention to detail that need to happen on "show day"   Looking forward to hearing more about your event and your specific needs for the evening.

Years of standup + years of producing = I got this.


Through her customized programs, Marta equips leaders & teams with the specific tools they need to thrive at the various stages of their career. Below are a few of her most requested workshops.  However she loves crafting specific presentations for clients based on their unique needs and office culture.

Connection is the New Currency
Unlocking the Power of Workplace Connectivity

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As the landscape of work continues to evolve, the currency of connection emerges as a paramount factor in driving success, growth, and resilience. In this highly customizable session, Next Gen Leadership Expert Marta Ravin will guide you and your team through a transformational journey of embracing and harnessing the power of connection in the modern world.

Be a Leader, Not a Boss
Embracing Authentic Leadership

In today's rapidly evolving workplace, the role of a leader requires authenticity, empathy, and a deep understanding of human connection. Join Next Gen Leadership Expert Marta Ravin in this workshop as she unveils how giving your team the permission to be human can cultivate a culture of trust, creativity, and unwavering commitment.

Thrive at the Office
Navigate Change with Confidence


In an era of unprecedented change, many individuals may experience apprehension about returning to the office. In this talk, Next Gen Leadership Expert Marta Ravin delves into practical strategies for thriving in-person and shares how much fun working together in the office can be.

Reel Resilience
Succeed in the Evolving Media Industry


You’ve earned your film, television, or digital content degree, but now what? As the media landscape undergoes seismic shifts, the path to success for new graduates may seem uncertain. Join Award-Winning Showrunner & Executive Producer Marta Ravin as she shares her experience and unique perspective on how to thrive in an industry facing unprecedented challenges.



Marta Ravin on Next Gen Leadership

Award-winning Showrunner & Executive Producer Marta Ravin gives leaders & teams the tools they need to unlock their productivity, creativity, & positivity through meaningful connection.

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