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"Marta has the perfect balance of leadership, experience and humor. I love working with her because no matter how tough the job gets, you are going to laugh your way through it. She’s the MVP." 

Esteban Serrano 
Producer "Yo, MTV Raps"




"Marta Ravin and I have worked on many projects over the years and she is by far one my favorite producers. No matter what we’re working on Marta always captures my voice and brings out my sense of humor. I love working with Marta because I know we’re going to have a great time whether the cameras are on or off!"

Cat Greenleaf
On Air Personality and Host

"Marta is a joy to work with and knocks every project out of the park. She’s the best."

Simmy Kustanowitz

Chief Creative Officer
Bad Woods Entertainment 


“Marta is my first call when putting together a project I care about - her eye, her wit, her passion, her huge network from many years in the TV biz, and her investment in the teams she leads makes her an outstanding collaborator.”

Wendy Shanker
Consultant to the Stars

"Marta is one my favorite producers to work with in the biz. She gets my humor and voice and I trust her 100%!" 

Claudia Jordan
On Air Personality and Host

Screen Shot 2024-04-05 at 12.30.31 AM.png

“Marta Ravin is one of the best producers we’ve had the chance to work with in our 25 year career. She’s competent and in control of every situation, but what sets her apart is the kindness with which she treats everyone on her crew. Marta’s kindness mixed with her distinct sense of humor engenders a work environment that is fun and extremely productive..”

The Sklar Brothers - Randy and Jason Sklar

Stand Up Comedians

"I witnessed Marta’s incredible creative talent, collaborative nature, fantastic attitude, and stellar management skills firsthand. Marta's a big-picture thinker who elevates a project every step of the way."

Corin Nelson

SVP of Development
Game Show Network

Corin Nelson, SVP of Development.jpg
Rachel Baumgarten, SVP Marketing.jpg

“Marta is a versatile, experienced creative who knows how to put a stellar team together to deliver programming and content that is on-point. From sponsor-driven long-form specials to short-form integrated marketing segments, Marta has been a go-to to steer a project from creative ideation to seamless execution.”

Rachel Baumgarten

SVP Marketing, Vox Media

"Marta spoke to my college communications students about the TV / film business, and she was engaging, informative, and she left a real impact on my students. Her enthusiasm for, and knowledge of this industry are endless! I can't recommend her enough!"

Merle Becker

Mount Saint Mary College - Owner, Freakfilms, Inc.


“Marta did a great job entertaining the crowd and keeping the program on schedule. She made everyone feel included and she was also funny at the same time. We would definitely have her back!”

Ayelet Mosaffi

Total Well-Being Director & Global Projects, Sanofi

"When it comes to collaborators, co-workers and humans - Marta is the best! She is creative, resourceful, professional, supportive, calm within chaos, and all the while manages to also be fun and funny. She always goes above and beyond!"

Chelsea White

Speaker, Writer, Producer

Chelsea White, Speaker.jpg
Barbara Barna Abel.jpg

“Marta is a favorite guest on my podcast, Camera Ready and Abel. Her actionable takeaways - based on her years as an executive producer and stand up comic - are priceless. Marta delivers the What plus the How while always being warm, funny, accessible and relatable. This is unbelievably rare. She's vulnerable, insightful, has great stories, a unique perspective and lets the audience in on how things really work.”

Barbara Barna Abel
Host, Camera, Ready & Abel Podcast

"Love working with Marta…. Best in class. Her creative and production sensibility is always on the mark. From large scale live events to branded content of any size, for any screen. Smart, funny and exactly who ya want leading your team. "

Jay Schmalholz

SVP Global Head of Brand Experience and Innovation, 
NCompass International

Jay Schmalholz.jpg

"Marta’s guidance & leadership as a production executive & showrunner have been invaluable. Her keen eye for storytelling, attention to detail & ability to manage complex productions have consistently resulted in high-quality live & taped shows."

Brittany Chanel Jackson 

MTV Entertainment Studios 

"Marta has been an amazing mentor and friend for the entirety of my career. Nearly everything I know about producing and managing a career in this industry I've learned from Marta. Not only is she a master of her craft but she knows how to create and lead an awesome team that enjoys each other and the time they spend working together."

Kelsey Bergfelder

Supervising Producer, E! Digital Originals

Marta and Kelsey .jpeg
Courtney Maglione.jpg

"I am extremely grateful for my experiences working with Marta Ravin. She was my boss at MTV over 15 years ago and has been a mentor for me ever since."

Courtney Maglione

Vice President Casting, Magilla Entertainment

Award-winning Showrunner & Executive Producer Marta Ravin gives leaders & teams the tools they need to unlock their productivity, creativity, & positivity through meaningful connection.

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